What is the return policy for Duff Products?

Unopened Duff products ordered from or may be returned within 30 days for a refund, with the exception of food products. We do not accept any returns on food items or non-food items that have been opened. Shipping costs to be paid by the customer. For questions, contact customer service at 1-888-235-0484

Is the Duff fondant gluten free?

Yes. The Duff fondant is both gluten free and nut free.

Is the Duff Gum Paste gluten free?

Yes. The Duff Gum Paste is gluten free?

How Long Does it Take to Bake a Cake?

  • Two 8in round layers – 32-35 min
  • Two 9in round layers – 28-31 min
  • One 13x9in pan – 32-35 min
  • One 10in pan or fluted tube pan – 43-48 min
  • 24-30 cupcakes (fill ∏ full) – 21-24 min

Do you have tips for using the Duff Airbrush Machine?

The airbrush is a terrific cake decorating tool! Click here for all of our tips and tricks for using your Duff Airbrush Machine.

How do I clean my Duff Airbrush Machine? 

If you properly clean and take care of your Duff Airbrush Machine, it will last longer. Click here for detailed instructions for cleaning your Duff Airbrush Machine, including photos.

How many round cakes will the 0.7 oz bottle of Duff Airbrush color cover?

This depends on how much you use and how thick you spray the color on. You will be able to cover one 8” layer of a cake or even more.

My Duff Air Brush machine is on, however there is no pressure/air coming out from the needle cap; how can I get my machine to work?

Please place some water (as a test) into the section where you would add the air brush color. Usually the machine will not air/color until there is liquid added.

What is the shelf life of Duff fondant?

The shelf life of Duff fondant is 21 months.

What is the shelf life of Duff sprinkles?

The Duff sprinkles, Primary, Pastel, Neutral and Brights (set of four), have a shelf life of 36 months. The Duff flavored sprinkles, such as Cookies & Cream, S’Mores, and others, have a shelf life of 12 months.

Can I use Duff’s Color Gels to color cake batter?

Yes, you can use Duff’s Color Gel to color cake batter in addition to coloring frosting.

What are the Duff Cake/Cupcake Wire’s made of ?

The wires are made of stainless steel.

Are the Duff Cake/Cupcake Wire’s food safe?

Yes. The Duff wires are food safe.

Can I use Duff’s Cake Tattoos on my ice cream cake?

The tattoo should adhere to porous so using a Duff Tattoo on an ice cream cake should be fine.

Is it a good idea to add Vodka to the gel colors and use in the Duff Airbrush machine?

If diluted enough the gel colors and Vodka should work just fine in the Duff Air Brush machine, if not diluted enough the gel will clog the machine.

What is the shelf life of Duff Cake Mix?

 All Duff cake and brownie mixes have a shelf life of one year.

How many cupcakes will the Duff cake mixes make?

One box of Duff cake mix makes 18 cupcakes.

How do I adjust my Duff cake baking for high altitude?

At 7,000 ft., for each cup of liquid called for in the recipe, add an additional 3 to 4 tablespoons of that liquid. For cakes, lower the oven temperature by 20 degrees or so and slightly shorten the cooking time. Keep changes to a minimum the first time you prepare a recipe and subsequently adjust as necessary.

Can I color my buttercream frosting before adding a cake tattoo?

Cake tattoos were designed to stand out against white buttercream frosting. Adding coloring your buttercream may change the color and the appearance of the tattoo, but you can certainly try different things to get a variety of effects. Why not?

Can I make fondant strips days before I apply them to my cake? 

If stored correctly fondant will dry firm, but will not dry out. Store fondant strips in a sealed container at room temperature. Please remember, fondant is made to cover cakes. It is not gumpaste and will not perform like gumpaste and will not dry hard. For firm decorative elements, we suggest you use gumpaste for best results.

How long in advance should I apply my cake tattoo?

When applying the cake tattoo, you need to apply at least 15-20 minutes prior to cutting the cake to allow the tattoo time to meld into icing. Please note the colors in the cake tattoos are sensitive to light, especially pink, purple and some red. Protect your tattooed cake from direct sunlight and strong fluorescent lights.

Can I refrigerate my cake that has a cake tattoo already applied?

This really depends upon the type of cake that is being decorated. If the cake is iced with buttercream frosting, refrigerating for several hours is better than for several days. If the cake is iced with fondant, it will do better in the refrigerator for several days. Cake tattoos can be applied to cakes that will be stored in the refrigerator. Store the cake uncovered in the refrigerator until it cools down to prevent condensation from forming inside the packaging. Condensation will drip onto the tattoos and may cause the colors to run.

Cake tattoos can also be applied to cakes that will be frozen. However, it is important to take precautions with the freeze and thaw cycles to avoid build-up of the ice crystals. Thaw frozen cakes slowly, preferably uncovered in refrigerator, to avoid sweating and running of colors. If the tattoo bubbles during freezing, GENTLY TAP (do not rub) the tattoo to release the bubble.

Is Duff gel coloring gluten free?

Yes, the Duff gel colors are gluten free.

What are the alergens in Duff Goldman products? 

The packaging reflects any allergen ingredients and/or contact with those ingredients.

Should I keep my rolled-out fondant in the refrigerator?

You can leave the fondant rolled out on the counter covered or not covered. If you’d like to cover it, something like plastic wrap works well. If you want to place the rolled fondant in the refrigerator, place the fondant in a cake a box first then place in the refrigerator.

Fondant can be stored in the original container and in the cupboard for up to 21 months. Just keep it airtight, and you can use it over and over again.

Why can’t I mold my fondant into shapes easily? 

Fondant works best when it is used to cover cakes, as opposed to use as a molding product. We find that using gumpaste for molding is much more effective. We have used the Duff white fondant and pressed it into molds. It does harden so that you can paint it or airbrush it and use it as a decoration for cupcakes and cakes.

Can I refrigerate my cake that has fondant already applied? 

Yes, you can put your cake in the refrigerator after the fondant is applied. Please know that all fondants will sweat when taken out of the refrigerator, so it is best to place your cake into a cake box that will absorb most of the moisture. If the box will not fit in your refrigerator, no worries. Take your cake out of the refrigerator several hours before the event to allow time for the fondant to air dry. Do not touch your cake during drying because it will leave fingerprints. If you need to speed up drying time, place a fan in the room, but not too close to your cake.

Can I freeze or refrigerate my left over fondant? 

Do not refrigerate or freeze leftover fondant. Simply seal the container so it is airtight. Fondant has a shelf life of one year at room temperature.

How long will a cake that is covered with fondant stay fresh? 

If you use a thin layer of icing for a crumb coat, your fondant-covered cake will stay fresh for 4 to 7 days after the icing and fondant is applied. Be sure to seal the cake completely with fondant.